1562 ‘Simple but Powerful’ Jodha Bai Diamond Stud Earrings

Now sold out , but they can be ordered. Will take 4-5 weeks to deliver from date of order. Please note that their could be very slight variations in overall carat of diamonds and grams of gold as each piece is hand made based on stones, however the style, design and look will remain exactly the same.

One of our all time best sellers – incredibly classy, stylish and yet so simple.

A powerful pair of every day earrings inspired by ‘Jodha Bai’ set with uncut natural diamonds outlined with enamel detailing on the backs: 0.53 carat of uncut natural diamond and 4.04 grams of 22kt gold. A 500 year old plus technique of making jewellery.

Jodha Bai was a Hindu Rajput princess who, in 1562 was offered in marriage to the Mughal emperor Akbar . Her marriage was a political one, showing submission to her father, a shift in religious and social policy. She is widely known through history for her grace, simplicity, dignity , power and ‘as exemplifying Akbar’s and the Mughal’s tolerance of religious differences and their inclusive policies within an expanding multi-ethnic and multi-denominational empire’. A woman and historical figure whom we have always found so intriguing and fascinating.

This piece comes with an internationally recognised official certificate of authenticity.


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1562 Simple but Powerful Jodha Bai Diamond Stud Earrings

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