1920’s Simple Diamond Unique Bow Necklace

A fashionable vintage inspired dainty necklace, taking one back to the 17th century right through the 1920’s.

Bows are ancient symbols of strength, unions, ties that bind, loyalty and beauty; love and marriage. The bow motif is said to have first appeared in Jewellery in the 17th Century French royal court of Louis XIV. The overlap of styles, designs and ideas has overlapped for so many centuries through various ancient civilisations and eras. Persian, Mughal, French, Georgian, Victorian Edwardian….

2.14 grams of 14kt gold; 1.57 grams of silver; 0.36 carat single cut diamonds, and a fresh water pearl

Can be worn in 3 lengths: 24 cm, 22.5 cm and 21.5 cm.

Comes with an internationally recognised certificate.


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unique bow

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