Art Deco Vintage Inspired Bow Earrings with Blue Topaz and Diamonds

Please note this piece will take 4-5 weeks to deliver from date of order. As it will be a newly made piece, please note that very slight variations in stone carat and weight, gold & silver weight could occur but the overall and design will remain the same.

The title says it all! A classic, an heirloom, a forever piece, a stylish piece…

Blue Topaz stones are knows for being gems of joy, generosity, abundance and good health. It is known to bring truth and wisdom.

Bows are ancient symbols of strength, unions, ties that bind, loyalty and beauty; love and marriage. The bow motif is said to have first appeared in Jewellery in the 17th Century French royal court of Louis XIV. The overlap of styles, designs and ideas has overlapped for so many centuries through various ancient civilisations and eras. Persian, Mughal, French, Georgian, Victorian Edwardian….

A mix of silver and gold metal.1.220 grams 14kt gold; 0.82 carat single cut diamonds, 0.26 carat rose cut diamonds; 25.51 carat blue topaz.

2.6 cm in full length; very light weight for pierced ears.

Comes with internationally recognised certification.


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