22kt Gold and Uncut Diamond Ring in an antique finish & technique

This piece is made on order. It will take 6-8 weeks to deliver from the date of order. Kindly specify the size of ring you would like on the order. Please note that there could be very slight variations on the final gold and stone carat and weight as these are all individually hand made pieces. This is natural. However the overall design, look, feel and style of the piece remains exactly the same.

A work of art made by master craftsmen who have immense skills passed down from generations; a one of a kind piece; a real treasure; forever family heirloom!

Using the ancient technique of Kundan: A 500 year old plus method of making jewellery where natural sliced uncut diamonds are set and backed with silver foil on 22kt gold. Natural sliced uncut rubies and emeralds are backed with gold foil and set in the same way. All the work is done entirely by hand. This pieces features rose cut diamonds and uncut diamonds.

The gold work is done using another 500 year old technique of making jewellery originating from the Mughal era – the technique dissolved during the Colonial rule and is now being revived again. The technique involves hand engraving onto the solid gold with an antique black polish that highlights the detailed engravings. We suggest you take this ring off when washing hands to avoid the black detailing from rubbing off.

These ways of making Jewellery that can only be perfected and put together by master craftsmen many of whom have inherited skills passed down generations. It involves engraving, inlay, enamel and ‘kundan’ (where stones are used) work. All the work is done entirely by hand.

Finished in an antique look.

Approximately 11.44 grams of 22kt gold; 2.77 carat of full diamond content. (the final breakdown will only come after the piece has been finished).


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22kt Gold Ruby and Uncut Diamond Ring in an antique finish

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