Art Deco Bow Earrings with Citrine and Diamonds

A classic, an heirloom, a forever piece, a stylish piece…Citrines are beautiful stones are known to promote creativity, self expression and release negative traits: depression & fear.

Bows are ancient symbols of strength, unions, ties that bind, loyalty and beauty; love and marriage. The bow motif is said to have first appeared in Jewellery in the 17th Century French royal court of Louis XIV. The overlap of styles, designs and ideas has overlapped for so many centuries through various ancient civilisations and eras. Persian, Mughal, French, Georgian, Victorian Edwardian….

These earrings will take 5-6 weeks to deliver from date of order as they are currently custom made to order. They are approximately 2.510 14kt gold; 0.93 carat single cut diamonds; 20.27 carat citrine. Please note that there could be minor variations on the overall metal and stone breakdown after the final piece is complete as these are all individually hand made and each stone is individually hand sourced.

2.6 cm in full length; very light weight for pierced ears.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity.


1 in stock



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