Art Deco Diamond, Amethyst and Pink Turmoline (Rubelite) Vintage Inspired Earrings

Please note this piece will take 4-5 weeks to deliver from date of order. As it will be a newly made piece, please note that very slight variations in stone carat and weight, gold & silver weight could occur but the overall and design will remain the same.

A stunning pair of earrings inspired by vintage victorian designs;  set with purple amethyst, pink turmoline (rubelite) and single cut diamonds.

1.40 grams 14kt gold; 7.32 grams silver 17.24 carat of purple amethyst and turmoline; 1.29 carat single cut diamonds. Please note that there could be slight variations in stone carat, weight and length as each piece is individually hand made and crafted. We take pride in our quality and craftsmanship.

Purple Amethyst stones have healing powers to help with physical ailments, emotional issues, and help with balancing the ‘Chakras’ (the wheels of energy all through the body). The theory of Chakras originated in India between 1500-500BC. Pink tourmaline or Rubellite stones are said to help with love, inspire confidence, take away emotional pain, promote peace and relaxation. They are also said to calm and soothe the heart.

Light weight for pierced ears; 4.2 cm in full length.

1cm in full length; light weight for pierced ears.


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Classic Flower Diamond & Amethyst Stud Earrings

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