Custom Name Jewellery

This particular necklace reads the name ‘Leela’ in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is one of the oldest and most beautiful languages dating back to the 2nd millennium BCE. (it is not a spoken language but has formed the basis of most dialects across India, scriptures, holy texts, etc)

We can custom make earrings and necklaces with any word/name you desire in Sanskrit, English or any other language or font. Delivery times would be 3-4 weeks upon placing the order. If you are interested in a custom piece just send us an email on and we can organise all the details very quickly!:-)

This particular necklace was for a lovely lady who wanted to wear her first child’s name (Leela) all the time!

It is in pure 18kt gold. We can add add any gemstones to the design and it can be made in a gold shiny or matt finish too.


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Custom Name Jewellery in Sanskrit

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