Lotus Detail Enamel Hoop Earrings

These art deco-inspired enamel hoop earrings are intricately crafted using the traditional hand enamel technique (all hand painted). Hand enamel techniques date back to the 13th Century. Additionally they have pretty detailed gold granulated/ball work and gold borders.

The colours are inspired by the vibrant colours that many old palace walls in Northern India have from the Mughal era. That are also all hand painted.

The gold-plated silver fastenings are easy to latch on and of and very are secure. The earrings are very light weight and comfortable. 3.5 cm in full drop from the ear hole, 3.2 cm in biggest width.

Subtle enough to wear everyday, yet bold enough to make a statement, these artistic enamel hoops come in a variety of colours each with individual designs. Each earring is a one off and will vary slightly from the next enamel one.


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