Green Glass Peacock Detail Stud Earrings

A great statement stud earring with peacock detailing (a bird said to bring good luck, prosperity and good vibes) green glass and crystals.

22kt gold plated on 925 silver.

Very light weight for pierced ears; 2.4 cm in full length


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One of our personal favourites! Inspired by the ancient 3000 year old Jain temples of Palithana in Gujarat, India, these earrings try to bring out the stunning architecture and craftsmanship that can be found in these incredible temples.

The gold bar placed at the bottom of the earring is very representative of a piece of jewellery worn to ward off the evil eye in traditional Hindu culture (especially amongst children)

22kt gold plated on 925 silver set with antique finished crystals and coral.

Very light weight for pierced ears; 3.4 cm in full length.

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