Simple ‘God Hanuman Mace’ Amulet Earrings

A simple but super powerful pair of earrings, full of meaning and history.

Hanuman is the Hindu God who symbolises courage and compassion. He carried a weapon called the ‘Gada’ (mace) . It is a symbol of self sovereignty. It represent ‘life’ . Like the earth moves around the sun and gathers life force and energy from its stores, similarly the ‘gada’ is said to gather around the body picking up all the positive energy. It is considered a sign of bravery, immense physical strength, courage and radiance like the sun.

Very light weight for pierced ears; 22kt gold plated on 925 silver with red glass.; 3 cm in full length.


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Simple ‘God Hanuman Gada’ Amulet Earrings

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