Uncut Diamond & Enamel Ring Band

Inspired by the ancient 13th century form of traditional hand enamel work (‘meena’), and the 15th century technique of ‘Kundan’ – this pieces infuses so much beauty. It is detailed in enamel work (‘meena’) with a delicate design that can be found on old palace walls in India and Persia.

The setting is in 22kt gold, and the diamond setting is done using the ancient technique of ‘kundan’ where silver foil is placed under the natural diamond (‘polki’).

This piece cleverly incorporates the techniques of ‘kundan’ and ‘meena’.

size: 19mm diameter; UK R 3/4.

3.61 grams 22kt gold; 0.32 carat uncut natural diamonds.

Come with a certificate.


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Uncut Diamond & Enamel Ring Band

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