”All I want to eventually do in life is to try and help as many really needy people, those in desperate conditions who need basic essentials to keep them going, to let them smile to let them live….Trying to give back through a % of each jewellery sale, in the most transparent and direct way is a start….” (Rajvi  – I worked directly in international development and humanitarian aid from 2002-2012)

 A percentage of sales from each Kasturjewel will go towards a humanitarian initiative. A lucky woman somewhere becomes the owner of a beautiful piece of jewellery, and at the same time is helping another not so fortunate human being somewhere to improve his or her quality of life.

There are an estimated 1,345 million people who live in acute poverty on less than 2 pounds a day. Women and children make up more than half this number. They face daily challenges incomprehensible to majority of us: access to basic health care and education; safe water and sanitation; nutrition and the right to live in a safe environment free from harmful traditional practices such as forced child marriages and female genital mutilation.

A commitment to poverty elimination led me to work directly with International humanitarian development programmes across the globe from the Horn of Africa to Afghanistan. This means that I will be personally managing the various humanitarian initiatives. Funding will be channelled to various needy initiatives that I would have researched and will oversee it’s direct impact. 

To date Kastur Jewels has supported the following initiatives:

  • Women’s and girls education
  • Feeding programmes
  • Disability issues
  • Income Generating Activities
  • Medical aid camps
  • Maternal and Infant mortality issues
  • Cataract operations for very poor 60 plus year olds
  • Polio operations
  • The Aleppo situation in Syria
  • Promotion of economic empowerment and strengthening of orphaned and abandoned children
  • The use of sustainable sanitary towels/pads for very vulnerable women & girls in remote parts of Kenya.
  • COVID 19 
  • Helping support individual cases living in desperate conditions with housing, basic needs, medical needs, food, clothes and basic life survival.

These have been streamlined through a few organisations, which run primarily on volunteers and have a strong moral and spiritual base.


Some of the examples of the impact of our on-going humanitarian assistance and fundraising:

”Kasturjewels help towards supporting young Franklin’s nephrotic syndrome (a kidney condition) has made the world of difference to Franklin. His grandmother (also his carer ) who is extremely poor would not have been able to afford the treatment”
Help Change Lives, Kenya/UK

“Your contribution in the midst of this gloomy scenario is such a boost to our efforts. We have been able to reach over 910 marginalized families (more than 4500 individuals) who had otherwise no access to food”
Prayatna relief, India

“We were able to reach out to 160 very vulnerable & marginalized families in desperate need for basic necessities due to the funds received. Thank you so much”
Ngong Road Childrens Foundation, Kenya

Without you Kastur Jewels would not have been able to offer assistance – so thank you for your support!

To find out more you can visit:

There are many other charities, foundations & individuals we have supported and worked with over the years. The above is a list of our recent initiatives.

If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one Mother Teresa

Thank you for all of your support.

Rajvi Vora

Creative Director/Founder

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