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Christmas 2018

As we approach the end of the year we would just like to say Asante Sana (thank you in Kiswahili (Kenyan), Shukriya (Thank you in Hindi, (Indian) and Thank you very much for all your support! We are truly humbled and beyond grateful.   We would like to offer you 25%...

The Fashionable Maharanis

Indian Royalty and jewellery are a package deal. It was not just the women whom adorned themselves; the men were not to be left behind either. Jewellery was a way of establishing the structure and hierarchy in the household. Whilst many Indian royal households had their own jewellery makers -usually families who had for generations been the allocated jewellery makers for the particular household and had passed down their skills on the craft for generations, Indian royalty were also partial to many European jewellery designers and makers.


Every year Kasturjewels is part of the Fabulous Fashion High Tea in Nairobi (the capital of Kenya) at the Zen Garden, where local and international designers showcase their collections amidst a highly trendy setting of fashion shows, couture, delicious cuisine and drinks.

Mixing Old and New

The main idea behind our pieces is using old designs with contemporary ideas making Kasturjewels timeless yet fashionable. Many of the designs date back to historical royal India as far back as the 11th century.

Please kindly note that any orders placed after 3.00pm on 9th April 2019 will be shipped on the 24th of April 2019. Normal next day delivery will resume from the 24th of April. Thank you Dismiss

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