9th Century Temple Jumkhi Earrings

Inspired by a very ancient and traditional design of old Indian jewellery said to date back to 300 BCE Traditionally most Indian women will own a pair of ‘jumkhi’s’. They are elegant, versatile and will work with any outfit. These earrings are also very resemblant of old temple jewellery. They have been re-created to give a slight modern take but still maintaining the old school charm. Temple jewellery was innovated in the 9th century and is considered one of the most sacred arts of India. It was and is still used as offering to the Gods. The many forms of Indian classical dance incorporate the use of temple jewellery in their art form. I (founder ) am a Jain and a classical Indian dancer, so these earrings are very relevant for me. They have a great story and so much intricate detail.

22kt gold plated in an antique finish on 925 silver.

The best part is they are so light weight; 4.5 cm in full length for pierced ears.

(We did a simpler version of the ‘jumkhi’ earring for the second series of the Netflix hit series ‘Bridgerton’)


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