Classic Orange Sapphire Ring Band

An all time favourite pieces! A classic, a design that has deep ancient roots and techniques dating back to the 15th Century, a piece that we have been selling for many years now. A perfect everyday pieces, makes that extra special gift – and oh such a joy to wear!

Featuring approximately 5.09 carat of natural orange sapphires; 0.91 carat single cut diamonds; 1.85 grams 14 kt gold and 4.76 grams silver. (the exact details will only come after the final piece has been made). Orange Sapphires bring wisdom, stimulate your higher mind and increase your intuition. They are said to bring clarity, protection, stability, good fortune, good luck, and spiritual insight.

The ring can also be made to order to any size. Please note that custom pieces take 4-5 weeks to deliver from date of order. Please note that these are all handmade pieces, every stone is sourced and placed individually so there could be very slight variations in the final piece, stone carat, gold and silver weight, but the basic design and look is always the same.

Please indicate on the order which size you would like for any made to order piece.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity.


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