Jumkhi Earrings (as seen in Bridgerton)

Very light weight, 3.5 cm in full length. Gold plated on silver with pearls.

Last year we were approached by the Costume Stylists for the new Bridgerton Series. They opted for 8 styles.

These were worn by the stunning Charithra Chandran who plays Edwina. She wore a couple of versions of these ‘Jumkhis’ in a few scenes, so elegantly, timeless and effortless. These were one of them.

Jumkhis are a very ancient earring style, their origins can be traced back to ancient temple statues from the Chola dynasty dating as far back as 300s BCE! These are a very simple version of this ancient design! Pretty cool that this simple design take on them was requested to be worn for the Netflix hit – Bridgerton!


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