The Golden Age of Gold – for The Compass on the BBC World Service


We’ve worshipped it, bartered with it and adorned ourselves with it and yet most of it is kept hidden away, deep in underground vaults.


So what is it about gold that’s kept it a part of humanity’s story for thousands of years?

In this three part series for The Compass on BBC World Service, we’ll join London based jeweller, Rajvi Vora as she discovers more about the precious metal that’s had such an impact on her life, and the world.

In episode 1, Rajvi will dig deep into the history – from the ancient civilizations who venerated it, the folklore that warns of its darkness, and to the adventurers of the 19th century Gold Rush. Why has there always been such a fascination with gold across all cultures?

Episode 1: The Golden Age of Gold – Listen here
Episode 2: Gold: Its role around the globe – Listen here

Episode 3: Coming Soon

An Audio Always Production for BBC World Service.

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