Covid 19

It’s been a tough decision to know what to do: carry on trading online or stop altogether.

After much thought we concluded that we will re-open the site: this will allow us to be able to still support our workshops and immensely talented craftsmen in India inevitably and support some smaller charities and individuals doing exceptional humanitarian work reaching out to the poorest of the poor & the most vulnerable affected by COVID 19.

For the month of April we will be giving 50% of any online sale to charities in the UK (where we live), Kenya (where we are from) and India (where our jewellery is made).

As soon as an order comes through we will notify you and you can choose which charity you would like to support or you can highlight it in your order. If you don’t have a preference, we will keep you posted on the charity we have sent the donation too. We will be using safe delivery and aim to post out orders once a week to keep any contact to a minimum. It may take a little longer than normal for packages to be delivered as postal services are running at reduced services (rightly so), so kindly bear with us for any slight delays.

Needless to say that are many organisations/charities & individuals doing tremendous work reaching out to the poorest of the poor & the most vulnerable affected by Covid.

You can find more details of some of them on our face book and instagram pages (where we are updating names as we come across them).


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